Everything great begins small…

“I can do no great thing, only small things with great love.” Mother Theresa


She was two days old, and became my daughter. My life was suddenly changed by a "yes", and with my little package came layer after layer of new life. Five years later, the ¡Buena Onda! project became another ray of sunshine emitting from the life of Nataly, and Shadow (our Mexico dog) would say he is another–

Rooted in her story, I can only imagine how many others will have their lives altered, like I did mine. Already the list continues to climb from those who have donated, the teams who have helped us, the jobs we've been able to provide as we've hired men and women from Colonet to work on the building. The doors aren't open yet, and yet still there is life oozing from them.

Love you my powerful Nataly, and thank you for being a blessing to so many. I can only imagine all of the beauty that will come from your life!

With love,


Dehlia’s House Project

 The large house in the background was our first project in Punta colonet.

The large house in the background was our first project in Punta colonet.

Dehlia, Nataly’s aunt, was kind enough to donate her modest home and land to help increase the size of the ¡Buena Onda! lot. She asked that we build her a home, and with that request we were able to do something for her she couldn’t do for herself. Although delaying the start of our project, we were able to build Dehlia her dream house. It was our privilege to give back to her and her family after such a selfless act on her part. Thank you again Dehlia!

Las Cabanas

 Doesn’t this PHOTO say it all?

Doesn’t this PHOTO say it all?

Our first projects on our land was the construction of four cabins and shower house. This has enabled us to host groups and sleep 24 people in beds. We then positioned two sea containers for storage, and installed a fence around our property.

The Xerxis Building

 6,000 square feet of life changing space.

6,000 square feet of life changing space.

Presently we are constructing our main facility which will house our offices, storage, commercial kitchen, classrooms, cafeteria, gathering space, library, apartment for interns, and an apartment for our Buena Onda manager. Once we complete our building we will be able to open the doors to the community and begin to see the impact we have been dreaming for. Watch out Colonet, it’s going to be amazing! Once completed we will begin landscaping the property and building a skatepark.


Chad Primary Head Shot.jpg

Chad’s Bio…

When Chad was 16, he was a student at Alameda High School in the Bay Area of Northern California. As most students are required to do, he sat through several school assemblies. At one peticular assembly, Donnie Moore was speaking and it had a profound impact on his life. It was then that he realized the impact an inspiring moment could have, and at 18 years old he determined to live big and make a difference. In 2000 he launched iTHINKBIG.ORG and has spoken to over 3 million students since that time. He is passionate about seeing young adults reach their full potential and seeing them developed in their areas of passion. Chad has two daughters named Alex and Nataly and resides in San Diego, CA.


A young person is not a vessel to be filled but a lamp to be lit.” -Unknown